West region shutdown 2024-03-31

Important update; West region shutdown 2024-03-31


Important information about your {SSCNAISSPROJECT} running on SSC resources.

I’m the SSC coordinator and sadly enough have time-critical news that will affect the project above for which you are the PI or PI proxy that uses servers in the West region.

The West region will be decommissioned 2024-03-31, ten days from now, and your servers there must be migrated to another SSC region, either North or East before that date.

The general part of this email is found at https://cloud.naiss.se/ below “Latest news and events”. Visit the site to validate the correctness of this email, or as alternative contact support through SUPR or support@cloud.snic.se using “{SSCNAISSPROJECT} migration” as the subject.

It’s important to acknowledge that you have received this email either by replying or creating a support case as described above.

We realize that 10 days is a short time. The decision was finalized very recently.

For a list of affected servers for your project in West see list at the end.

The first step is to examine the list of your servers and lookup their status/importance for your project, this will determine the amount of work needed to be done by your project.

  • Test-only and don’t contain any data that must be kept
  • Proof of concept servers
  • Old servers no longer used within the project, that can be shut down and removed
  • Live services with data or otherwise important functions
  • Other needing special attention

Depending on the status of your servers, different actions are needed by your project, a short summary is given below. A longer checklist will be sent when this email has been acknowledged.
For “Test-only”, “PoC” and “Old server no longer needed”; you only need to notify the support and we’ll help you cleanup and remove the active servers from West without saving any data or configuration. A separate confirmation request will be sent from us after your email. Alternative you handle it yourself through the cloud.naiss.se portal and just notify that you have started and when you are done.

For servers within “Live services” or others needing special care your project team need to do more work to migrate as summarized below:

  • Ensure that any data/setup of the listed servers that you want to keep is downloaded locally
  • Ensure that your own backup/copy of any critical data or setup for the servers is in place and is active so that any important unique data is copied to an outside storage.
    If the project followed the recommendations at initial setup and contains data that cannot be replicated, you already have this in place since the SSC service in itself doesn’t have any backup of user servers.
  • Use cloud.naiss.se to connect to North or West region to setup a duplicate environment and provision new servers with the backups downloaded locally.
  • Short list of changes: Private IPs, Public IPs, Firewalls, OS image version and similar items.

Affected Customer Servers at West region is listed below

We are sorry for the trouble and extra work this generates for you as PI/Proxy PIand your project.

Best regards,

SSC Support on behalf for NAISS